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Waking of the Samurai (American Bushido #1)Waking of the Samurai by Christopher Lee 

Waking of the Samurai by Christopher Lee

This is the story of Gabriel Dunne, a lower class white kid growing  up in South Florida. At the age of ten, he is thrust, along with his  best friend, Thomas, into a hair-raising adventure. Stalked by a  savage foreign killer, they only have each other and one way out  to escape.  Gabriel’s life-and-death experience as a boy serves as an  initiation, unwittingly sending him into manhood.

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Revenge of the Samurai (American Bushido #2)Christopher Lee by Christopher Lee

Revenge of the Samurai by Christopher Lee

This is the second book and sequel in the American Bushido series. This novel is what the title suggests it is: a Revenge story.  Commando, Gabriel Dunne hunts the men that left his childhood friend on death’s doorstep.  Revenge must wait as Gabriel and his team are whisked around the globe and asked to do the impossible. Gabriel must battle his emotions while fighting terrorists on foreign soil. Vengeance transforms Gabriel into The Angel of Death as he hunts evil men inside his own borders. His search leads him to the top of an empire and a final showdown.
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Shattered (Shattered Hearts) (Volume 1)Shattered Hearts by Nicole Banks – Winner of our facebook Writing Contest

Shattered by Nicole Banks

He was finally home. But guilt weighed heavily on his soul. She’s been broken, running from a past she can’t seem to escape. Two childhood friends, beaten down by life, find their way back to each other after years of pain and torment. As passion and desire rises, can Jasmine and Angel find solace in each other’s arms? Or, are the shattered pieces of their lives too much for either of them to put back together?

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 The EvensongThe Evensong by Lindsay Payton, 2nd place winner in our facebook Writing Contest

The Evensong by Lindsay Payton

Since she was four, Riley’s lived in a house of–as they are rudely called–witches. They lived as normally as anyone else could, but for a few exceptions. No one else knew the difference. And then a stranger moved to her small town bringing with him more than the usual curiosity. There was something different about him . . . he wasn’t one of them, and he wasn’t human either. . .

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 The Mushroom, a short story by Christopher Lee

The Mushroom by Chris LeeBook Cover Design by Professional Publications. The Mushroom is a story of Robert Hamlin, “an ordinary man,” set in our current American culture. He’s someone with whom most men can identify, at least on some levels. He is a good hearted man who loves his wife and his job, but soon finds his life in complete and utter ruin, despite his best efforts.
Finding the will to get up one more morning was all he needed to turn his world around. A new sunrise and a special mushroom will provide him with extraordinary powers, skills and visions of the past, present, and future, which will change his life forever.

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 Chasing the Artificial Rainbow: “Defining Your Moment” – A Platform for African American Success by Coach Gregory Ford and Calvin Hayes

Chasing the Artificial RainbowBook Cover Design by Professional Publications. This book is intended to be a resource for African American students and supporters that envision a brighter future for them. This book offers insight into the psyche of our youth and what it takes to transform their thinking in a more positive and productive manner. Chasing the Artificial Rainbow has been written specifically to help minority students understand the importance of a quality education and why making sound decisions, and being of service is necessary.

Available in print and Kindle on Amazon.com.Available in print and Kindle on Amazon.com.