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Submit up to five pages. In addition to your free sample edit, we will give you an idea of how much it will cost to edit your book based on the number of words, etc. Please indicate the total number of words in your document when you submit it to us.

We prefer Microsoft Word, but we can usually open most documents.

Our affordable editing rates start at just a penny per word, depending on the project. To get an idea of the number of words in your manuscript, look at the bottom left hand corner of your document. The number of words and pages is typically displayed there.

In your Sample Edit, we will identify weaknesses in your work and other possible concerns. We'll edit for style, tone, word choice, and sentence structure. You'll receive a few critical comments. In addition, we'll look at spelling, grammar, and typographical errors.

Based on what we see, we will give you an idea of the cost to edit your manuscript. Please indicate in the comment section, the number of words in your project, and anything else you feel is important for us to know.

We look forward to seeing your work.

Ask us how to pay for your editing costs in installments.

*Only serious inquiries, please. Upload up to 5 pages maximum for your free sample edit.

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