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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [How much does book editing cost?]
A: [Our rates start at as little as a penny per word. Writers who have some experience get the lowest price. We love new writers, but they require more time to complete an edit. We work closely with our Authors to help them achieve their goals.]

Q: [Will I be able to speak with my editor personally?]
A: [Yes, once we have set up an agreement, you will have both email and phone support.]

Q: [Why do I need an agreement.]
A: [Writers who can pay in advance for their services do not need an agreement. However, we are willing to work with writers whose budget may not allow them to pay the entire amount in advance. We allow payments in three equal installments with a contract for services. However payment must be received before the work is delivered.]

Q: [How long does it take to complete an edit?]
A: [Each project is different, but we generally allow thirty days to complete an edit. This allows plenty of time for changes to be made/accepted by the author and returned to us for polishing. We can work on shorter deadlines if required.]

Q: [Do I have to use your publishing company?]
A: [No, the choice of publisher is entirely up to you. However once you have chosen a publisher, we provide support for an additional fee.]

Q: [Why do I need an editor?]
A: [Writers often do not see their errors, but your readers will. If there are grammatical errors, misspelled words or if your thinking is not clear, your readers will lose not only interest, but also respect. Mistakes interrupt the flow of the words and the story.]