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Complete Design Package $399!

Book Formatting & SetupBook Design ServiceSelf-Publishing SupportKindle eBooks Setup

10% off the regular price for the Complete Design Package. Priced separately $446.00.

In addition to editing your book, we can provide book design services such as book formatting and editing, cover creation and Kindle/Nook setup.

Complete Design Package

  • SKU: CDP1
  • Get all four services to setup your book,
    • design your book cover, assist with illustrations,
    • book formatting and setup,
    • setup and support for Self-Publishing and submission to
    • Kindle eBook creation for distribution on Kindle devices
  • Complete package price $399.00*

Book  Cover

  • SKU: DS1
  • Your book jacket cover is the first impression a reader has of your work. Based on your content, our editor will suggest a book cover, which will help you stand out from the crowd. Professional Publications will help you choose a suitable color scheme and assist in finding appropriate images and graphics, which will help tell the story and make it visibly pleasing.
  • Price $199.00

 Formatting & Setup Service

  • SKU: BF1
  • We will suggest a final book size and layout style which will best suit your work, then create a prototype for your approval. If our first suggestion is not what you had envisioned for your manuscript, we will work with you until a suitable option is agreed upon.

    Service includes creating styles, which will compliment the theme of your work including:
    • paragraph style
    • list style
    • quote style
    • fancy letters
    • title
    • chapter headings
    • subchapter headings
    • copyright page
    • table of contents
    • other tables if needed
  • and more.
  • Price $99.00

Self-Publishing Support


  • SKU: SP1
  • Want to sell your book on Let us walk you through the self-publishing process and get your book on Amazon as well as other outlets.

    Once your book is ready to publish, we will submit your work for print on demand publishing. By-pass other self-publishing fees and publish your work in 60 days or less. Have more control over your work and more money in your pocket.
  • Price $99.00

Kindle eBook Formatting and Setup


  • SKU: ES1
  • eBooks are growing in popularity and are definitely something to consider. However, they require a certain type of setup that can be quite tricky to master. We will create an eBook based on the requirements of the provider, which will make your book available to a much wider audience.
  • Price $49.00 for books we have setup and edited
  • Price $99.00 otherwise

(Editing fees are not included in Complete Design Package.)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take great pride in our work and strive for 100% Satisfaction. We will work closely with you on your project until you are completely satisfied. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our work, your money will be refunded. You may submit your work for a FREE SAMPLE EDIT prior to making your purchase. We will get back to you promptly with a quote and a sample of our work.

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*editing not included.

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