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Chasing the Artificial Rainbow: "Defining Your Moment" - A Platform for African American SuccessAmazon by by Coach Gregory Ford & Calvin Hayes

K-9 Cop: Case# 1 - The Dreck Report (Volume 1)K-9 Cop, the Dreck Report by Erna Mueller

MuTerra (Volume 1)MuTerra by R. K. Sidler by R. K. Sidler

The Curse of Being and Living It: A Universal Refugee Experience from an Eritrean's PerspectiveThe Curse of Being and Living It by Fetsum Abraham

Portraits of African American LeadersPortraits of African American Leaders by Dr. Raphael Mizzell

Strength for Your Journey by Cheryle Richardson

The Adventures of Hoppy, Floppy & Squeak! by R. K. Sidler

How To Build "Kingdom Minded" Organizations: Good News for Tumultuous Times: Giving Your Employees a Hope and a Future in this Upside Down World.Amazon Kindle by Mark A. Griffin

Justin RoseAmazon Kindle by Keith Reisinger

Why Me? THE TRUE STORY OF MY SURVIVAL by Stacey PorterAmazon Kindle

Pick Me Up - Inspirational Messages to Make you Jump for JoyAmazon Kindle by Michelle Mattsen

My Neighborhood Super KidsAmazon Kindle by Nicole Hollis

Called to the Childbirth Profession: Opportunities for Doulas, Birth Educators, and YouAmazon Kindle by Donayle Abe

Mark! My Words: How to Discover the Joy of Music, the Delight of Language, and the Pride of Achievement In The Age of Trash Talk and MTVAmazon Kindle - by Mark Evans

Heaven or Hell You Decide Take Control of Your DestinyAmazon Kindle by Relonzo Dell Richard, Sr.

Moon Warrior's DreamAmazon Kindle by Jesus Velazquez

Traveler X: For Many are Called, But Few are ChosenAmazon Kindle by Raphael A. Mizzell

From Feminist To Rapist: Falsely Accused of RapeAmazon Kindle by Fetsum Abraham

The Four Faces of God: A Different Perspective on the Sudden Appearance and Evolution of HumankindAmazon Kindle by Laurence Bergeron

SPIRITUAL CONTRACTIONS: Birthing Your Vision by Dr. Cheryle L. Richardson

What Religions Don't Want You to Know...An Expose' of Belief SystemsAmazon Kindle by R. K. Sidler

Detention: How The Stress Of Being A High School Principal Drove Me To Drink by Jeffrey J.

If I Only Knew They Had Chocolate Chip Cookies in HeavenAmazon Kindle by Neil Finkelstein

Going Full CircleAmazon Kindle by Cynthia Jeffers

America and the AlmightyAmazon Kindle by John R. Bunkley

Prospect Smarter, Not Harder: The Art and Science of Getting More Customers!Amazon Kindle by Vanessa B. Jackson

Book Formatting & Setup


Book Design collage Cover Collage

Wikipedia defines Book Design as: "the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole."1

Book Design is our forte. We can help you turn your manuscript into a work of art. We create beautiful books, which incorporate all of the important and best book design elements and a style that is pleasing to the eye. We will suggest a final size and layout style that will best suit your work, then create a prototype for your approval.

The best book design will include appropriate sections for the front matter, including space for the Contents, Preface, Table of Contents, Dedication, etc. If our first suggestion is not what you had envisioned for your manuscript, we will work with you until a suitable option is found. We also provide book cover design.

Submit your work for a Free Sample Edit. Our Editor will respond promptly with a brief evaluation and a cost estimate.

Book Formatting & Setup

Service includes creating book styles, which will complement the theme of your work including:
  • paragraph style
  • list style
  • quote style
  • fancy letters
  • title
  • chapter headings
  • subchapter headings
  • copyright page
  • table of contents
  • other tables if needed

Ready to get started or need more information, contact us.

Book Jacket Covers Design

Once your book design is completed, we can suggest a cover concept such as one of these.

Moon Warriors MuTerra, available in print and ebooks Four Faces of God
Moon Warrior's DreamMoom Warrior by Jesus Velazquez MuTerra (Volume 1)MrTerra by R.K. Sidler The Four Faces of God by Laurence Bergeron

Your book cover design is the first impression a reader has of your work. Based on your content, our editor will design a book cover, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Professional Publications will help you choose a suitable color scheme and assist in finding appropriate images and graphics, which will help tell the story and also make it eye catching.

You can see more of our book covers on the Recent Projects Page.

Kindle and Nook eBooks

eBooks are growing in popularity and are definitely something you'll want to consider. However, they require a certain type of setup that can be quite tricky to master. We will create an eBook based on the requirements of the provider (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, etc.) which will make your book available to a much wider audience. Click here for prices and information.

Help with Self Publishing

Want to sell your book on Let us show you how to self-publish your book and help get your book published and listed on as well as other outlets. Self-publishing puts more money in your pocket compared to traditional publishing and allows you complete control over distribution options.

Once your book is edited , we'll show you how to publish a book and we can submit your work to a popular publisher, such as CreateSpace, for printing and to be available for print on demand book publishing. You'll be able to purchase your book at a substantial discount and set the price for which you want to sell your work online.

We can help with setting the book up for distribution through your publisher and will assist you with important features, such as "Look Inside the Book" on

Our fee covers it all. Click here to get started.

1Retriedved from Wikipedia online Dictionary. http://

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