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We offer Manuscript/Book Editing and other design related services.

When you are ready to publish your book, we can help. We can cut your publishing costs in half. In fact, publishing a book has never been easier. However, to publish a successful book, you need to have it edited first. Even experienced writers need an editor to review and help them polish their work.

But, we do more than just proof reading. Our book editors help authors achieve their publishing goals by providing not only manuscript and book editing but also assistance with design concepts, including setup, layout, jacket and book covers, eBooks and more.

When you become a client, we dedicate ourselves to your success. We will create a comprehensive edit, which will help you to improve your work. 

Editing rates start at as little a penny per word, depending on the project and the writer's proficiency or experience. Click here to submit your draft for a no obligation quote.

To get an idea of the number of words in your work, look at the bottom left hand corner of your document. The number of words and pages is typically displayed there.

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