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Carol Ann Johnson

If you are looking for a book editor who offers service with a personal touch, look no further. Our mission is your success!

Born and raised in Indiana, Carol Ann Johnson spent her early years in rural Indiana where she fell in love with learning and language. Carol Ann set a goal early on to be Valedictorian of her High School class; a goal which she achieved in 1961. She won a scholarship to Indiana University, but soon transferred to Ball State Teachers College to be closer to her family.

Carol Ann studied language arts, humanities, and literature, as a student at the University. From classical literature to contemporary novels, Carol Ann's love of language and literature was always in the forefront. She graduated from Ball State University in 1964 (in just three years) with a double major in English and French.

Carol Ann Johnson moved to Florida in 1968. She had a long career in sales but was often drawn back into writing and creative arts. Carol Ann has been designing and creating websites for the past several years and has been involved in the publishing and book editing service field since 2007.

"Carol Ann's professionalism, promptness and attention to detail is exemplary. Her assistance through the editing process including offering suggestions for a cover were truly a blessing. Thank you Carol Ann."
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"This was my first book of any kind so I needed more than an editor. I needed someone to hold my hand and gently take me through the process. My budget was limited and Professional Publications was the best priced proposal I received.

But lower price did not mean lower value. Carol Ann was wonderful and so much more than I expected. She went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways, maintaining the utmost professionalism even as I changed and revised things many times. Her patience and coaching has given me confidence to go forward with other ideas. Thank you so much Carol Ann and I look forward to working with you again on my next endeavor."

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